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Though it is called loves the rock, this community is not only about music.

*It's about supporting local(marin)bands, such as halfway to nowhere, overview, and tremor toe...

*It's about telling great quotes from the best tv shows and movies, like the simpsons and tommy boy...

*It's about telling jokes(because who doesn't need a good laugh now and then?)...

*And it can be whatever you want it to be *twinkle*

So come on down!(RIP, Rod Roddy.) This community is for anyone to join. Even if you only like ONE thing mentioned in the interests list, join. If you have other local marin bands that you want to give da big propz to, by all means, do it. If you want to mention a good tv show or movie that isn't already mentioned, go ahead. Comment. I dare ya. I +guarantee a good time.

(+: guarantee not guaranteed. see community for details.)

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