April 18th, 2004


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Straight to the point...

What: Dogs Chasing Airplanes, a North Bay band with an indie/emo/pop-punk/rock sound.
When: April 23rd, 6:50 PM SHARP
Where: The Oasis @ MIYO Teen Center 1115 3rd Street, San Rafael CA
Why: Because it's our first show, damnit! And we're sort of cool!
With who: Halfway to Nowhere (CD RELEASE!!!), Once Over, The Bionic Band, ACTION, and Hijack the Disco
How Much: It's $5, $2 less then the normal price! Damn that's cheap!

Dogs Chasing Airplanes is having their FIRST SHOW!!! That's right, you can finally see that Shawn Walters does indeed carry his blue guitar around everywhere for a reason, Seth Millstein actually spends time away from dancing like a maniac at shows and being emo to play bass, and Andrew Tysinger doesn't just play John Mayer covers: he bangs on drums as well.

A little about us: We've been together a few months, got over 10 years of experience between us, like all kinds of music (even rap my homies) and play some good-feeling, not-revolving-around-bad-releationships-with-girls-in-the-past home style ROCK. All proceeds from the show go to recording our album Welcome to the Rock, out in stores nowhere sometime next... just come to our show okay?

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