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The NorCal Compilation 2004 (x-posted)

Hey everyone...

I just wanted to let you know about the new NorCal Compilation 2004 now out on Agent Records. If you're in to the local music scene it's a pretty damn fine CD -- with seventy minutes of music, twenty-four bands, and some previously-unreleased tracks it's a really good deal for only $5.

You can buy it in stores or online for the same price (shipping is free online) and if you buy on the website, Agent always throws in stickers and posters and all sorts of random stuff like that.

The CD (downloadable audio clips, ordering information, etc) -> www.agentrecords.com/ar03002.html
The record label (news, and typical-record-label-front-page-stuff) -> www.agentrecords.com

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